Ending an Essay in a Simple and Interesting Way

In a conclusion, you’re required to sum up everything written in your essay. When ending an essay well, you think about the main point that you’re trying to get across and ensure that it’s included. If you have an excellent introduction, feel free to write something similar in different words. However, there are certain things that should be remembered to succeed:

  • Use the essay introduction as your helpful guide;
  • When writing long papers, look at what every paragraph is all about because it’s a good place to start;
  • Leave other people with something important or interesting to consider and let them learn more.

It’s always important to wrap up your academic writing by summing up the main idea for others. This simple technique can bring your essay to its smooth close while creating a well-written piece.

The Definition of Essay Conclusions

What is a conclusion in essays? This is what you leave with the audience and it has the following basic characteristics:

  • Summarizing the entire essay;
  • Demonstrating readers something accomplished;
  • Showing how you prove a thesis;
  • Providing people with a sense of closure on the chosen subject.

What about its structure?

  • A concluding paragraph is always the opposite of an introduction;
  • It starts with specific and moves to general, while introductions start with general and end with specific.

The Importance of Essay Conclusions

All students need to work on a concluding paragraph for the following reasons:

  • This essay section is more difficult to get right compared to any introduction;
  • Having a clear and good ending can help you write and revise other sections;
  • A conclusion is the last thing that professors read.

To establish a certain sense of closure when ending an essay, consider these effective writing techniques:

  • Conclude your paper by linking its last paragraph with the first by reiterating the phrases and words used in its introduction;
  • Conclude it with the sentence parallel or compound in its structure because it can help you establish the necessary sense of balance in the end of your complex discussion;
  • Conclude essays with the sentence composed of 1-syllable words because your simple language can create an effect of some understated drama.

Effective Things to Include in Conclusions

A concluding paragraph wraps up the whole essay in a tidy and interesting package for readers. Think about including the following things to end academic papers successfully:

  • A topic sentence must sum up everything said in a thesis statement;
  • Suggest to readers that you accomplish everything you set out;
  • Avoid simply restating a thesis because it will be redundant;
  • Rephrase your statement with a deeper and fresher understanding;
  • There’s no place to introduce new ideas;
  • All supporting sentences must round up everything said in the main body;
  • If interesting ideas sneak into a concluding paragraph, puck them out and discuss them in separate paragraphs or leave them out completely;
  • Wrap up all major points;
  • Topics for all paragraphs should be summed up in a conclusion;
  • A closing sentence must help the audience feel a certain sense of closure, and it’s your last word on the chosen topic;
  • Demonstrate the important role of your ideas;
  • End on some positive note;
  • Propel readers to a new view of your subject;
  • Closing sentences should make other people happy that they read your essay.

Good and Bad Strategies to End Essays

There are some effective writing strategies that can help you succeed when ending an essay, so you should use them.

First, play the “so what?” game. When reading any statement from a concluding paragraph, ask yourself this question to determine why others should care. Ponder this important question and answer it because this step is the key secret. Why should readers care?

Return to the main theme in your essay introduction because it provides readers with a full circle. If you start by describing a certain scenario, you should end up with the same one as a strong proof that your academic paper is helpful in getting a new understanding. Refer to an introductory section by using parallel concepts, key words, and images used in it.

Summarize everything. Include a short summary of the main points mentioned in your essay, but you should avoid repeating everything. Put everything together and show the audience how major points and their supporting examples fit together perfectly. Include some provocative insights or quotes from the research you do for your essay. Offer an effective course of action, interesting questions for further studies, and solutions to given issues. Point your readers to some broader implications.

Concluding Strategies That Always Fail

There are some concluding strategies that should be avoided because they don’t work, including the following:

  • Starting with overused and unnecessary phrases (they are helpful in speeches, but they are useless in essay writing);
  • Stating a thesis for the first time in a concluding paragraph;
  • Introducing new subtopics or ideas in this essay section;
  • Making emotional or sentimental appeals if they’re out of character with the rest of your paper;
  • Including your evidence, such as stats and quotes, which should be in the main body.

Examples of Inefficient Conclusions

  • Restating a thesis and being very short;
  • Failing to push major ideas forward;
  • Written when you can’t think about anything else to tell readers;
  • Drawing on emotions to make an appeal;
  • Creating a lot of confusion among readers;
  • Being out of character with other essay paragraphs;
  • Including additional information that can’t integrate into the main body;
  • Stating a thesis for the first time.

A Helpful Conclusion Outline

  • A topic sentence;
  • Your fresh rephrasing of a thesis statement;
  • Strong supporting sentences;
  • A summary of major points discussed in the main body;
  • Explaining how all ideas fit together;
  • Closing sentences and final words;
  • Connecting back to an introductory paragraph;
  • Providing readers with a sense of closure.

Suggestions for Writing a Perfect Essay Conclusion

Writing a strong essay means ensuring that you have an interesting introduction, some body paragraphs, and a clear conclusion. The latter one is a great opportunity to summarize major points and leave the audience with a clear understanding of your topic. Ending an essay is easy if you practice and use the following suggestions.

The Use of Smooth Transition Words

A conclusion should start with a smooth and clear transition from the main body. Its first sentence must include logical transition words because they signal readers that you’re starting to summarize your subject. Different transitions can have different effects, so pick the ones that clearly communicate that you want to close your paper. When writing argumentative and expository papers, it’s necessary to end them with a certain call to action as a last sentence. It makes people feel more inspired and informed after reading academic essays.

Restating Major Points and Arguments

After signaling that you want to draw an essay to a close, restate all major points. Based on its length, you can do it either in 1 sentence or several sentences. Be as clear and concise as possible because you should sum up every point in simple words while avoiding restating every detail. List off all points as an effective reminder to the audience. Besides, you need to restate arguments to leave people with a final appeal. After providing enough evidence, your restatement must make others feel as it you persuade them in full.

Basic Things to Avoid in Essay Conclusions

If you want to write a strong conclusion for your essay, try to keep everything simple. As you already know, there are basic steps to your success, including restating major points and argument, using clear transitions, finishing with a certain call to action, and so on. However, there are some missteps made by students that prevent them from earning higher grades. That’s why you should avoid repeating them:

  • New details. A concluding paragraph is not the best place to introduce any new ideas. You only need to sum up all points clearly.
  • Personal opinions. Unless you’re required to write an opinion essay, you need to avoid stating personal opinions in a concluding paragraph.
  • Many details at once. When restating major points, you don’t need to write down all minor facts that make up your strong evidence. An essay conclusion is just a summary and a possible call for next steps.

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