Anti-Epal Advertising campaign Essay

Enhancing the Anti-Epal Campaign


Anti-Epal can be an ongoing disgrace campaign about Facebook up against the practice of politicians applying government tasks to promote themselves. Their aim is to put a stop to the habit of politicians of placing blaring brands and photographs in ubiquitous personal ads, signages, and other cards of government tasks and programs. " Epal" is Pinoy slang referring to people who wants to hog the limelight, rise above the crowd or, plainly opportunists who choose to acquire credit intended for everything. Through Anti-epal, netizens have place this slang to a more political use, pointing towards the various shameless promotions, self-serving gimmicks and ploys utilized by politicos. This campaign advancing by UP CFA college students will boost the Anti-Epal movement simply by integrating a number of multi-media stations into a cohesive, all-out crusade against these types of shameful politics habits.

Thesis Statement

People needs a appropriate, organized opportunity to take part in the formal rejection from the practice of attaching politicians' names and photographs to anything and everything (that in that way, their trustworthiness as a general public servant is suspect, which should they certainly not recognize the error, the public will not choose them anymore).

Statement in the Problem

In a political system of democracy that is driven simply by credentialism and name-recall, the practice of excessive self-serving self-promotion of politicians using projects constructed by job funds can be finally and openly declared shameful and is to be stopped.


To engage the citizens into actively participating in a social and politics change to eliminate the country with the epal frame of mind of a significant number of politicians that is plaguing the current program.

Target Audience

Filipinos of all ages who have Internet access, and pedestrians/residents on public roads where effigy will probably be paraded through.


The campaign can kick off by simply spreading a viral, short film that will become a phone to...

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