Ao Dai - Traditional Clothes of Viet Nam Essay

The áo dài is a Vietnamese national costume, now most often worn simply by women. In the current contact form, it is a tight silk robe worn over pantaloons. Áo classifies the item as a piece of apparel.[1] Dài means " long". The word " ao dai" was at first applied to the outfit donned at the court of the Nguyễn Lords by Huế in the 18th hundred years The dress was extremely popular in South Vietnam in the 1960s and early 1970s. On Tết and other events, Vietnamese males may use an áo gấm (brocade robe), a version of the ao dai manufactured from thicker fabric. Academic discourse on the ao dai focuses on the way the dress ties feminine beauty to Vietnamese nationalism, especially in the kind of " Miss Ao Dai" pageants, popular both amongst overseas Thai and in Vietnam itself. " Ao dai" is one of the couple of Vietnamese terms that appear in English-language dictionaries. The ao dai is now standard intended for weddings, pertaining to celebrating Tết and for other formal events. A plain white colored ao dai is a common senior high school school standard in the Southern. Companies frequently require their female staff to wear uniforms that include the ao dai, so flight attendants, receptionists, bank feminine staff, cafe staff, and hotel staff in Vietnam may be found wearing it. The most popular style of ao dai meets tightly surrounding the wearer's upper torso, emphasizing her bust and curves. Although the dress protects the entire physique, it is thought to be provocative, particularly when it is manufactured from thin cloth. " The ao dai covers every thing, but conceals nothing", in accordance to one saying.[14] The ao dai is usually featured in an array of Vietnam-themed or related movies. In Good Morning Vietnam (1987), Robin the boy wonder Williams's personality is wowed by ao dai-clad women when he initial arrives in Saigon. The 1992 films Indochine as well as the Lover inspired several foreign fashion homes to design ao dai choices,[21] including Prada's SS08 collection and a Georgio Armani collection. Inside the Vietnamese film The Light Silk Dress (2007), an ao dai is...

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