Baby Boomers, the Driving Force Essay

Landlord-tenant rules combines 3 areas of legislation; 1 . ) property law 2 . ) contract rules and several. ) neglect law. Landlord-tenant law combines three parts of law; 1 . ) house law installment payments on your ) contract law and 3. ) negligence rules. Colleges nation wide have been revealing strong spikes in enrollment largely because of

to baby boomers getting back to school. Baby boomers are Americans born between 1946

and 1964. Soldiers coming back again from WWII caused a rise in the labor and birth rate of the United

States, making a " boom" which is where term " baby boom" comes from. There have been

around 76 million baby boomers given birth to during that 18 year course. The baby boomer

era is now making a " boom" in the field of mature education.

Enrollment in college programs by baby boomers features risen substantially. In 2001

the National Centre for Education Statistics (NCES) reported that more than 20%

of United States college students are above the age of 35. (qtd. in CNN 1). The National

Centre for Education Statistics also reported that enrollment of students outdated 40 and

old has increased by simply 48 percent from the early 1970's. (1). The baby boomer

technology has become the driving force behind the growth of adult education.

The benefits of higher education for the boomers have been more than that

of their parents. Baby boomer parents are in the Great Depression era. These

Great Depression time parents were immigrants who also believed that hard work was your way

to succeed in life. Upon coming in America, the immigrants required skills to help them

stay in their fresh homeland. That they learned a fresh language, to see and that education

was necessary to safeguarded their foreseeable future. These father and mother raised their children with the idea

that education will open many doors because of their children's options contracts.

The consequences of education to get the baby boomers was more robust than for his or her parents

of the Great Depression generation. " Both baby boomers and their father and mother enjoyed a

great association among net worth and education. " (Keister 5). According to

Nationwide Center for Educational Figures the boomers have obtained more wealth by

the age of 31 than their particular immigrant parents had acquired by that same age group. The boomers

have got enjoyed a better income than their father and mother substantiating the idea that bigger

education is the key to success. Educated boomers had been enjoying the reward of the

larger lifestyle than that of their particular uneducated migrant parents.

The baby boomer students possess proven themselves to be the quickest growing

educational demographic. Record breaking boomer enrollment in part-time adult

education programs continues to be reported throughout the country. Baby boomer enrollments

will be increasing proportionately faster than enrollment of younger pupils.

Today the baby boomers have reached middle section age and expect to remain

an enthusiastic for most of their life. Profession changes, business downsizing and the

wave of new technology requires that baby boomers go back to the class to revise

all their skills. " Labor forces of the future will discover dramatic adjustments as the baby boomer

generation actually reaches retirement age. " (Niznik 1). The boomer labor force age bracket

of 45-64 can grow in a fast rate due to seniors not retiring. The growth of

registration of seniors in the specialist degree applications has been significant.

Over fifty percent of the registration for the managerial degrees are baby boomer students.

Using a college degree provides baby boomers wonderful opportunities for future.

As Knable pointed out, " Without having the correct credentials middle-agers feel they will

might not exactly have the skills required for the position they desire. " (Knable 3). Baby

boomers want careers giving them strength, a sense of personal determination and the

opportunity to make important contributions...

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