Bangladesh-Myanmar Dissertation

Bangladesh-Myanmar Relationships in the Circumstance of Latest Developments in Myanmar

several. Bangladesh-Myanmar relations: Challenges and Opportunities Bangladesh and Myanmar share around 200 kilometre of land border. The countries include a long history of sharing political, cultural and economic affairs prior to all their emergence because modern region states. They may have also common heritage of British imperialiste experience. However , after the freedom of Bangladesh in 1971, Myanmar expressed motivation to promote a genial relationship with Bangladesh. The countries usually continued a cordial romantic relationship, but they did not develop financial cooperation in light of their distance and seemingly complementary financial interests. The influx of Rohingyas from Myanmar to Bangladesh has established concerns with regards to a stable relationship. However , the problem remains a controversial a single between the countries. At the same time, the issue surprisingly did not affect zwei staaten betreffend relations greatly.

Alternatively, Bangladesh hardly ever talked even more about the interior political advancement Myanmar. Rather, Bangladesh was always eager to emphasize on bilateral issues. But , the military regulation in Myanmar always remains to be a concern to get the people of Bangladesh. The democratic forces in Bangladesh want to see Myanmar as a democratic country. To that end, the latest political and economic reforms in Myanmar have enhanced the targets of Bangladesh to develop a brand new phase of relationship which in turn would be good for both the countries in terms of secureness and expansion.

The ongoing political and economic reconstructs in Myanmar can lead to lead Bangladesh-Myanmar relations to a new stage. Firstly, the modern process of personal reform in Myanmar indicates the country's towards democracy. However , the process of democratisation might be slow, although such reconstructs are making remarkable contribution in the governance means of the country. This sort of processes of democratisation...

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