TITLE: Malaysia: The Tiny Little Asia

Assalamualaikum and…… Salam Satu Malaysia! [say in full-spirit & enthusiastically] Good day time to you, our respectable idol judges, beloved instructors and lovely good friends. [address each with eye contact] WE, the students coming from SMA Al-Irsyadiah will discover our choral speaking titled, " Malaysia: The Mini Little Asia”.

ALL: Hey! [loud, cheerful & friendly – to grab audience's attention] SOLO a couple of: Nunu berita nu?

SINGLE 3: Apo koba?

SOLO 4: Sebutan berita? [are greeted in every single own dialect/ tune] SOLO a few: Ni hao?

SOLO six: Apa khabar?

SOLO 7: Vanakkam… [slight mind movement]

FRONT LINE: No matter what vocabulary or dialect you use,

MIDSECTION ROW: They each denote one particular universal which means,

BACK LINE: That is………

ALL: " How do you do”! [loud, cheerful & friendly]

ALL: Malaysia, as the world knows is actually a multi–ethnic, multicultural, and multilingual society that consists of various races and ethnic organizations with different spectacular cultural details. We have: SELECT FEW 1: Malay,

SMALL GROUP 2: Chinese,

SELECT FEW 3: Indian,

ALL: … as well as,

ALONE *: Kadazan,

SOLO **: Murut,

SINGLE ***: Iban,

SOLO ****: Sungai,

ALONE *****: Bidayuh,

ALL: … and almost a hundred more cultural groups of Sabah and Sarawak, each with its own distinct language, culture, tradition and lifestyle. Having a colourful selection of Malaysia's Peninsular and Borneo civilizations, this friendly community mixes together to develop contemporary Malaysia's uniquely diverse heritage contrary to any in the world. SOLO: Malaysia, Truly Asia~ [sings in tune]  everyones looking at him/ her and nodding in agreement. EVERY: The true which means of beauty in harmony…

SINGLE: Well… I know in Malaysia we have… [make counting face] … hmm… a few see. Sabah, Sarawak, Johor…. [suddenly cut simply by next solo] ALONE: … 13 states! I realize, right? [proud face]

ALL: [smiling] Good college student! Now, trivia time! Discussing talk about our very own Sabah. So what do you fancy most about our state? SOLO: I like love appreciate how different ethnics in Sabah mixture and mix very well in spite of race, tribe, language, religion, creeds and cultures. SINGLE: Me as well! It's very sweet to see everybody embraces the other person with love and admiration. SOLO: Certainly. And I need to say I actually am extremely into its modern dances like the flying-bird Sumazau by the Kadazandusuns and the foot-pounding Brunsai by Bajaus. ALMOST ALL: Do you know that just about every dance ritual fulfils a number of functions, like the elegant Sumazau dance is usually danced during Tadau Collect Festival in May for thanksgiving holiday associated with the grain planting and harvesting actions and also to extrude bad luck, invite spirit, and cure disease? SOLO: Oh yea really? No surprise it is typically performed during festive occasions and gatherings like wedding feasts and entertainment events welcoming dignitaries. ALL: Yup! It is so beautifully graceful and the sound of ‘tagung' causes you to automatically sway to the sluggish and gentle tempo. Nice~ [convincing encounter and tone] SINGLE: Anyway, think about other states' cultural dances? Anyone? SOLO: Hmm… I understand one! Sarawak's Ngajat.

SOLO: Isn't it the one generally performed during the Hornbill Festivity? SOLO: You mean the Warrior Dance?

ALL: Precisely. It is a traditional dance of Sarawak's Iban people. It really is performed to indicate the tribe's victorious headhunter warriors by having the male soldier dancer keeping an ornate long defend and executes dramatic gets throughout this kind of spellbinding dance. SOLO: Amazing, impressive!

SOLO: So manly and macho! [everyone's taking a look at her and make ‘whatever' face] ALL: Moving on! Does anyone know about our across-the-South-China-Sea neighbour? ALONE: Yeah, the peninsular, Western world Malaysia!

ALONE: Well, the peninsular Malaysia consists of 11 states and 2 federal territories. SOLO: … and surely lots more cultural-diversity! Splendid! ALL: Exactly! Focusing on classic dance only, for instance, we certainly have Kuda...

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