Cunard Circumstance Essay

Eleanor Leslie, vp for company and marketing and sales communications of Cunard Line, Ltd. must implement a plan to appropriately balance between " strategic” and " tactical” communications in the present economic environment. Due to economic conditions, competitive challenges, general fear after the Gulf of mexico War, plus the internal composition of Cunard's organization, there was great temptations for Cunard to utilize offered communications and promotions choices to arrive at a much more price-oriented approach to generate immediate revenues.

An appropriate equilibrium for Cunard's marketing communications should be to allocate attempts to focus " primarily” about strategic and fewer tactical way. Cunard probably should not implement the modern organizational enhancements made on order to maintain integrated marketing and sales communications; each channel of marketing communications delivers a regular message regarding Cunard and its products. The focal objective of these emails must speak a common " look and feel” to compliment an " umbrella” company name—Cunard then tactical special offers can follow. In other words, superiority and elegance ought to dominate all the firm's connection activities. To focus on this picture of luxury, nevertheless , it is best intended for Cunard to get rid of the two 4-star ships (Cunard Countess and Princess).

Short-term product sales stimulation or sales advertising in response to competitors and economic recession may possibly shift Cunard's image to that of fewer excellence and fewer elegance. Intended for Cunard's goal markets—those inside the top 3% to 5% income, the determining factor affecting touring is not price because these consumers are not price sensitive, but instead because of the post war effect (see Display 1). The newest organizational change will use resources for the purpose of consumer's knowledge and attitudes toward " individual” products rather than toward the overall Cunard brand. Distinct responsibilities between different teams may also lead to weakness of central control. Therefore , that...

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