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Dynamics of Integrity

Racquel Decipeda

BSHS 332

July 17, 2014

Trainer: Theresa Sumado a. Edwards

Dynamics of Ethics

Every person that determines to go in human assistance profession aims to do their utmost to help their particular clients and take on a variety of responsibilities that will ultimately serve their clients' best interests. They will try to adhere to the code of values from professional organizations such as the American Therapies Association or maybe the American Emotional Association in order to guide all their actions. Such as any human being services job, HS workers may deal with a number of ethical dilemmas within their practice. An ethical issue involves a conflict between two or more honest principles (Miller, 2014). Prior to any client-human service specialist relationship starts, there are objectives and rules set up. Every single party is definitely bound and expected to stick to these guidelines, otherwise an ethical dilemma comes up. The service professional-client relationship can become strained or perhaps may even end up being severed once these guidelines or objectives are damaged. Before becoming a client, she must be informed of his or her rights and responsibilities as a customer. The client has to be informed of his right to consent to treatment, rights to privateness and confidentiality, right to autonomy (or the right to choose his course of action), rights to privileged communications, right to know the dimensions of the risks and benefits mixed up in treatment or refusal to treatment and the like. Clients also have responsibilities like full cooperation with the treatment and disclosing as much info that would help the case to maneuver along. At the same token, HS professionals happen to be bound to these types of rules just like keeping their particular client's information confidential, plainly stating their particular qualifications to deal with the case, learning when to discuss or never to share data with other staff for the protection of the client and also the protection in the worker while others that may become involved with the case, ensuring to keep their own personal values and morals to themselves to avoid influencing your customer or the treatment and more. Individual service staff must also offer the knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the law, the code of ethics of the organization they works with and not the code of integrity of the job. Knowing and understanding the code of ethics and the regulation would help tremendously in avoiding ethical dilemmas like this one: For most months, you could have been the truth manager for the man who have a long good marrying ladies and not annoying with divorce. Recently, it came to the attention that he is online dating your sister, although nor is aware of the relationship with the other. What are the ethical issues included here?

This scenario is actually a tricky 1. As the therapist of the man, We would want to, first of all, support him understand the issue about marrying someone else without severing his jewelry and finishing up his business, settling his obligations and responsibilities for the first partner or spouses is underhanded and against the law. This is bigamy. Bigamy has been married to two people at the same time. In California or any other towns, bigamy is illegal. If you are married to 2 people at the same time, the marriage that occurred second is generally against the law and considered void. (Fam. Code, § 2201. ) Bigamy is definitely punishable with a fine not exceeding $10,50, 000, or by imprisonment in a state jail not really exceeding twelve months or inside the state jail. (Pen. Code, § 283. ) If your spouse can be absent for over five years and you believe that him/her lifeless, then marrying again is usually not considered bigamy. (Fam. Code, § 2201. ) (" Part 6 - Domestic Contact | Point out Of Cal - Department Of Justice - Kamala D. Harris Attorney General",  2014) Since the specialist, it is my moral, honest and legal obligation to tell my client that what he's undertaking is wrong and unjust to the girls involved and unfair for the children, in the event that they have any from virtually any marriages. I want to make...

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