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As a community health registered nurse a community examination can be used to assess the community's overall health competencies, as well as the connection amidst members from the community. It could serve as a starting point to address troublesome areas within a community; as well as end up being the foundation to get strategizing to create conscious modifications in our community. In line with the Centers to get Disease Control and Avoidance " a residential area assessment is known as a valuable strategy for obtaining a obvious picture of the community. ” This conventional paper will give a way to shed light on the health problems of a community, by simply identifying the constituents of the difficulty related to the community dynamics. Inside the borough of Manhattan, laying between Central Park and the Hudson River, from 59th to 116th street, is a community that carries the reputation of being the high end residential area of upper Manhattan. The top West Aspect is home to Ny City's, mental hub, and artistic staff. A generally healthy environment, the Upper West Side includes a plethora of parks, and community companies. Plenty in adequate housing, and also other resources which have been essential in preventing diseases and promoting health; such as exercise golf clubs every handful of block just like the local YMCA to name one particular, as well as organic food supermarkets, day cares for you, preschools, charter public universities, and private schools. Paired with the relatively low poverty price, it is no wonder the associates of the community feel that their particular neighborhood is safe. When compared to Nyc as a whole, many the people for the Upper Western world Side are of White race/ethnicity. However with the Dominican Republic, Uk, and Australia leading inside the top countries of origin, more than one fifth of Higher West Sides residents were born away from U. S i9000. On a day you may encounter a great variety of people, from small mothers, to the nannies, the elderly and their caretakers, and slew of vacationers visiting Central Park and the many community theaters. You may encounter beggars in front of eating places or addicts on the benches. Though like a community the Upper West Part makes an attempt to stay healthy. The community continues to be faced with significant health issues. Such as mental health concerns, although lower than the average of recent York City's 6%, despression symptoms and/or panic is common and serious amongst the residents of the Upper Western Side. 5% of adults on the Upper West Part corresponding to about 12, 000 people experience significant emotional stress. Apart from mental illness Cardiovascular disease is the leading source of adult hospitalization and death on the Top West Area. In a couple of, 246 hospitalizations, 1, 288 of them had been related to difficulties from heart disease, that is much more than 50%; and of 592 fatalities 233 had been due to cardiovascular disease. According to Healthy People 2020 " heart disease is recognized as a prime cause of loss of life in the United States… Thankfully, it is also among the most preventable. ” Cigarette smoking is known as a major reason behind heart disease, this fact is required for the occupants of the Uppr West side because though 49% of smokers attempted to quit this past year. One sixth of adults still smoke cigars which is twenty percent of the human population. While even now lower than New york city City's average of 22%, cigarette smoking as well as the effects must be an area or worry for the Upper West Aspect. Cigarette smoke and heart disease would be the most urgent health concerns inside the Upper West Side. With the nearly 227 thousand occupants 20% is definitely an large number of residents to be people who smoke and. The community must be made conscious of how smoking cigarettes is a direct link to cardiovascular disease being the number one killer inside their community, in addition to the affects that this has on your children of the community. Such as kids that live in homes where one or both equally parents smoking are ten-times more likely to smoke cigarettes themselves. This can cause a spinning door impact and continue the...

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