addicted to sun tanning Essay

п»їAddicted to tanning

Billy and Alyssa will be two teenagers that have a critical addiction to suntanning. They do many methods from using a sun tanning bed to lying in the sun for hours. As many persons know there are numerous dangers of tanning. Any way of tanning is usually bad for you. Tans are caused by damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sunshine or tanning lamps which causes cell destruction. В The elevating damage due to UV rays can lead to untimely skin maturing like lines and wrinkles, lax skin area, brown locations, and more, along with skin cancer. These are pretty serious medical issues that happen when sun tanning but to Billy and Alyssa none of such things will minimize them from doing it. Not only is it effecting generally there health it is additionally affect their particular relationship using their family and friends. В Billy is actually a 19 yr old that began tanning when he was a freshman in college. When he was younger this individual always believed so less attractive and had zero confidence in himself at all. The moment Billy was at 11th quality a lot of things improved in his existence. He changed up his look by simply changing his hair receiving his braces off and coming out and telling people who he was gay and lesbian. The one thing remaining that he didn't really like about himself was that he was genuinely pale. He felt that this would make him better searching and give him more assurance if he was tanner. His obsession with tanning began when he attained a girl in college that was extremely tan. He says she inspired him to get actually tan. This individual loved just how he viewed tan and ever since it has become some thing he needs to do 2 times a day. In a single day he tans outside for two hours and then visits the suntanning salon at nighttime. В В The only trouble Billy provides is that his family and friends continue to keep telling him that this individual needs to end or he can going to get skin cancers. He combats with his father a lot regarding his suntanning problem. He feels that he is sun tanning responsible and as long as it makes him feel good he is gonna keep doing it. To try and generate things better with his dad he travelled spray...

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