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п»їAcids Angles and pH Scale

I actually. Acids

*Acids are ionic compounds ( a compound with a confident or unfavorable charge) that break separate in water to form a hydrogen ion (H+).

*The strength of an acid is based on the concentration of H+В ions in the solution. В The more H+В the stronger the acid. Example: HCl (Hydrochloric acid) in drinking water

Characteristics of Acids:

**Acids taste bitter

**Acids behave strongly with metals (Zn + HCl)

**Strong Acids are dangerous and can burn your skin

Samples of Acids:

1 ) Vinegar 3. Citrus FruitsВ

2 . Stomach Acid (HCl)

2. Bases

*Bases are ionic compounds that break separate to form a negatively charged hydroxide ion (OH-) in normal water.

*The power of a base is determined by the concentration of Hydroxide ions (OH-). В The greaterВ the concentration of OH-В ions the stronger the base.

Case in point: NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide-a solid base) in waterВ

**Solutions containig angles are often calledВ alkaline.

Characteristics of Bases:

**Bases taste bitter

**Bases think slippery

**Strong bases are very dangerous and can burn your skin layer


1 ) lye (Sodium Hydroxide)

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3. Neutralization Reactions

** Once acids and bases happen to be added to one another they interact with neutralize the other person if an the same number of hydrogen and hydroxide ions are present. When this reaction arises -salt and water happen to be formed.


(Acid) (Base)---(Salt) (Water)

What are some valuable applications of this kind of reaction?

4. В pH Size and Symptoms

**The durability of an acidity or foundation in a answer is tested on a scale called a ph level scale. **The pH scale is a measure of the hydrogen ion attentiveness. It covers from 0 to 18 with the central point (pH 7) staying neutral (neither acidic or basic). Virtually any pH numberВ greater than 7В is considered aВ baseВ and anyВ pH quantity less than 7В is considered anВ acid. 0 is the strongest acidity and 16 is the strongest base.

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