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The Company of Medicine's Impact on Breastfeeding

The United States federal government has determined that a healthcare reform is required to ensure that almost all individuals can access health care. In March 2010 President Obama signed the Affordable Treatment Act (ACA) to ensure almost all individuals in the usa will have access to quality health care (" Key Features Affordable Care ", 2013). Various organizations, such as the Institute of drugs (IOM), recognize that changes have to be made to the present health care system in order for Affordable Care Act to be successful. Completely the IOM issued a study reflecting improvements needed in health care including: nursing education, nursing practice, and nursing jobs roles while leaders (" Future Nursing”, 2010). Within Education

Based on the IOM statement, nursing education is a specific area of medical care that requires alterations. Currently access nursing can be comprised of nurses with degrees, associate certifications, baccalaureate deg, and master's degrees. The IOM's aim is to have got 80% of nurses with a minimum of a baccalaureate degree and allow these to practice to the fullest of their education and training simply by 2020. Medical care will be switching to even more patient centered care, centering on health promo and protective care with less serious and specialty care. Affiliate level medical curriculums do not prepare healthcare professionals with this info; therefore , it is essential that rns have a baccalaureate level to be willing to care for individuals in this changing environment. As care will be provided in community options, nurses should be educated in the following areas: health promo, preventative medical, primary treatment, mental well being, prenatal providers, and geriatric care. Nursing staff will need to be literate in technology, have great communication skills, transitional treatment skills, facts based practice skills, and leadership expertise to maintain patients in the community setting. Moreover to an improved demand for baccalaureate nurses,...

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