Lost Sisters Essay

Stephanie Loftis

Professor Stacy Frakes


23 October 2010

Who Am i not Suppose to become

Initially when i first read the composition " Dropped Sisters, ” by Cathy Song, I used to be under the impression it was about a Chinese ladies who held great pride on her behalf Chinese tradition and who had been frowning around the choice of her sister, who made the decision to maneuver to America from China. Following further investigation, I discovered that Song's poem " Shed Sisters, ” explains the story of a woman who is facing the challenging realities to be a Chinese language immigrant. The poem describes how Tune feels mentally lost between two distinct cultures. She realizes she needs her Chinese tradition as a part of her identity. Inside the poem " Lost Sis, ” Cathy Song regularly uses the rhetorical speaks, pathos and ethos, to convince her readers of the struggles which might be faced when you are a Chinese immigrant. In the first component to Cathy Song's poem, your woman uses a mixture of both rhetorical appeals, since she is talks about the historic culture of Chinese ladies. Song uses ethos from the point of view that the girl with an Asian American, who had been born in Hawaii. Her father is usually Korean American and her mother can be Chinese American. Her cultural background offers her the creditability to talk about the struggles that an zuzugler may encounter. Song goes on to state, " In China and tiawan, even the peasants named their particular daughters Jade- the rock that inside the far fields could moisten the dry session, will certainly make men maneuver mountains, ” (line 1-7) Song is usually emphasizing this is of an important Chinese tradition. A jade is a rock that, towards the Chinese, represents good fortune and health, and nobility and perfection. The Chinese maintain a certain satisfaction in shaping the needs and lives of Chinese language girls in order to produce dutiful women. Ladies in China do not have very much responsibility outside the house their homeowners, and the China would generally use the practice of ft . binding to be able to limit all their mobility. " In a society with a conspiracy of female chastity, 1 primary purpose of...

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