My School Essay

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A college is where people study and research. Without college we will never able write even a expression. My school's name smk bu (3). It is a Malay government university in Malaysia.

My university environment is clean to let students study pleasantly. There are 5 blocks of building in my college. Each building consists of eight classes. Every classes have got about forty students. All of the building's wall structure has a beautiful mural came by college students. Furthermore, the school have one hectare field, so there will always pupils playing football through the sport period and after the college ended. My school provides 3 field hockey court, two of the basketball court can be indoor, even though the other is outdoor, therefore we can perform basketball although it was a sun-drenched day or raining day time. Moreover, you will find 6 outdoor badminton tennis courts. The school golf ball team offers won various medals and trophies in lots of competition. This make each of our school became famous.

There are other things which usually attract scholar's particular attention. There is a tiny fishpond and a herb garden. Beside that, the school possess a science lab for young students to make trials.

There are 89 pupils in or institution. All teacher are highly trained and experience. The head mistress is a learned women. The girl teaches research and geography. She also shows English. The total of pupils is smk bu(3) is approximately one thousand and eight hundred students. Additionally, there are prefect within our school, they can be helpful and polite. The school function at 7. 30a. m. until 2 . 30p. m.. During recess period, students usually go to the catalogue to read catalogs and paper. The school's library is very big a single. It is complete conditioned. There are many subjects and languages including Malay, English and China. We must gave a credit card to the librarian in order to provide books, and return these people after in week time. Our school canteen sell off may several types of food. Therefore, students under no circumstances get bored ingesting those meals that sell in the canteen.

In studies, our institution show...

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