Olive Senior Essay

Jamaican poet person Olive Senior's latest number of poems Garden in

the Tropics is usually an impressive confirmation of Senior's place as one of

the most articulate of Carribbean poets writing today. It truly is her quality

of thought, her capacity to construct the clean exact line, and

her direct commitment to political issues that make this collection

such a welcome conjunction with West Indian writing.

Growing plants in the Tropical forests is a carefully constructed group of poems

which have been organized around a quartet of movements: " Traveller's

Tales, " a multitude of00 poems that explore the pains and pleasures of

immigration and constant movement by Carribbean people and, at the

same time, share the genealogy of one simple rural friends and family

through their varied encounters with hurricanes; " Character Studies, " a

cryptic series of amusing poems that expand about themes of nature and

the environment; " Gardening inside the Tropics, " a tumbling movement of

poems that will make use of a natural speaking tone to convey the

vicissitudes of living in a " under developed space" under the dominating

effect of colonial history and something special of imperialist

exploitation of land and limb; and lastly, " Unknown, " a homage to

African deities that scans like a group of prayers echoing the

reward poems of Brathwaite's Face mask sequence in his trilogy The

Arrivants. Identified as they are over, one may get the impression

these sequences or perhaps movements will be independent entities with no

thematic or stylistic cohesiveness. Yet this is simply not so. Mature

makes fantastic use of echoes, thematic replication, and a great

intelligence that may be at once spiritual and practical to create a

very clear pattern of journeying and discovery inside the entire


This collection is excellent because of Senior's ability to

balance political proposal, in poetry such as " Meditations on Yellow"

and " Amazon Women, " with in a big way intimate expositions of heart and...

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