P. O. B T. B. a Essay

Executive Brief summary

Bella's Catch will be a single proprietorship foodstuff services firm and will be owned or operated and manage by Isabel Chen.

Bella's Catch- a seafood cafe, unlike an average restaurant, provides a unique mix of rich, pleasing food in value prices with a fun and entertaining atmosphere. Bella's Catch is the answer to an increasing require of something totally new and exciting and nothing surpasses having a good dining experience right on the water's surface area.

In today's very competitive environment, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to differentiate one particular restaurant concept from an additional. Bella's Get does this by being one of the only seafood cafe in the region that works on and serves lion seafood thanks to the well trained and qualified personnel of cooks.

This plan is prepared to be able to obtain auto financing for your initial launch of the concept. The financing is necessary to begin focus on the site, guides and menu books, internet site selection, tools purchases, and also to cover bills such as natural material, workers and utility in the 1st year of business.

The financing, beyond the capital input from the owner, will allow Bella's Catch to successfully open up and maintain procedures through year one. The original capital expenditure will allow Bella's Catch rendering its buyers with a value driven, enjoyable dining experience. Successful operation through yr three will give you enough cashflow to be impartial in yr four.

Desk of contents

Description of business

Approval of location

Selection of appropriate labour

Causes of fixed and working capital

Position of the businessman

Types of production

Amounts of production

Quality control steps

Use of technology


Prospect of growth

government regulations

ethical issues

Explanation of business

1 .      Description of business – In this portion you are required to offer a brief information of your designed business. The examiner ought to (a)  The name of your intended organization e. g. Xtreme Images production (b) The type of organization e. g. sole, proprietorship etc .

(c)  What is the proposed business engaging in? elizabeth. g. development of local fruit juices (d) The major is designed or aspires of your organization e. g.  To create 100% profit by ensuring client's satisfaction. (e)  If possible you can give example(s) of the items and/ services you will be making. 2 .      Justification of location- in this part you are required to: (a)  State the location of your meant business, e. g. 152 John Street- (b) Second of all, you will have to list and explain the elements which effect your choice of area. (Check the textbook) electronic. g. Nearness to unprocessed trash. Close to natural materials(seafood), on the centre of several tourist attractions 3.      Selection of appropriate labour- as we have found that labour is an important of production and if you don't select the most appropriate type of work then ineffectiveness would consider occur and productivity is going to decline. You are required to” (a)  List the type of time you will use. E. g. cleaner (b) Then sort them beneath the three key categories of work namely: -       Skilled

-В В В В В В В Unskilled

-В В В В В В В Semi-skilled

some. В В В В В Sources of fixed and working capital- Capital refers to money and everything other assets of a person, company or industry that could be converted into cash. PHYSICAL CAPITAL consists of fixed capital and working or circulating capital. FIXED capital refers to capital that is of your lasting characteristics and which will does not change its kind during the course of creation, e. g., factory properties, machines and tractors. FUNCTIONING or MOVING capital alterations its contact form or express during the course of development, e. g., raw materials and partly completed goods. В You are required to identify the causes of these capitals. e. g. loans five. В В В В В Roles of the Entrepreneur- The entrepreneur can be described as other factors of production and bear risks....

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