Personal Statement Essay

п»їAshley Martinez


Personal Statement

Throughout these weeks in counselling I learned how to evaluate me and realize that I are capable of majoring during a call I'm thinking about which is Sociology. The personality tests that have been included in this category helped me understand that I can always be who I would like to be easily propose me to this. It offered me more self-confidence to search onto that field. To start with I thought that social operate was going to always be my key but then this kind of class made me realize what actually interested me that was getting into the field of Sociology. Seeing that Sociology is actually a big department, I can possibly do anything that involves helping the community and specifically kids. From the time I was small, I was open to becoming able to help kids as a result of personal encounters. This category was able to show me right that gowns what I wished to do which this was the proper field I will be in. Yet another thing that I learned is that I have to start looking for the Cal State or College or university that will help me personally be successful within my major.

To begin with, when I chosen to take this class I had not any clue of what I was getting me personally into. Once class started out and I started to get acquainted with it I started getting more and more interested due to the fact that I had been able to find out things that I didn't even know about myself. It i want to figure out what I really should deemed doing as well as how to fulfill that. Many terribly lack the opportunity since they wrap up taking this class in its final stages but I used to be able to have it right since the beginning. Every class discussion helped me recognize something new which will after cause personal screening.

Tests had been a major component to this decision. Tests could actually let me discover what type of personality I had of course, if I was capable of woking with people. Because of all this screening I was able to realize that I had been in the correct field and was performing the right factor. To me it was as if the tests were reading my thoughts. Figuring yourself out is a big part due...

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