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Winning a state level wide open water swim event was one of my proudest moments because it confirmed me that you should always make an effort something while you may not be successful; you might conclude surprising your self. Having confidence in yourself is important in anything you perform whether you imagine you happen to be adequate at it or not. As I was seven years old, the youngest you can be to get involved, I was per day program in Castaic Lake called Jr Lifeguards. It is a program wherever, from the ages of eight to of sixteen, you learn fundamental life keeping skills. For instance , I discovered how to present, cardiopulmonary resuscitation administer (C. P. E), oxygen, search within the water properly for affected swimmers as well as staying in condition. Jr. Pads starts throughout summer and will go from Mon through Thurs. Every day the standard schedule was line up for 8: 40 to stretch, followed by a piece out that involve operating, swimming, or sometimes both equally. After the lift weights, the different age groups would independent off for their designated teachers and learn your life saving skills, then break to eat lunch break. After the kids ate we might wrap up the relevant skills we discovered and leave for the day. Now, the only section of the program i was outstanding at was the swimming portion of work. Every year our pond and the encircling lakes taken part in a competition that got events through the distance go swimming, to a pioche relay, into a race regarding rescuing a victim. As I was about fourteen years old till age sixteen We won first place in all my own events each year. My situations were because followed: Range swim, Run-

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swim-run, distance exercise, and the swim relay. The summer when I was fifteen, the coordinator with the program told me about the state level competition while using same occasions. I was to some degree hesitant at the thought of a state level competition let alone which the every event involving swimming would be required for the cool relentless water. Swimming in a closed away body of water verses a physique of water...

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