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Dalda have different ranges in dimensions and types like, there is certainly dalda fachada, dalda essential olive oil and dalda bnaspati available in the market for different buyers. Dalda cocking oil is extremely good in bending for anything. Dalda's tale begins at the begining of 1930's once Hindustan Vanaspati Manufacturing Co (today's Hindustan Lever Limited) wanted to start manufacturing Vanaspati locally. During those times hydrogenated vegetable oil was brought in in India by a Nederlander company, Daddy & Company. Dada & Co, was adamant that the top quality product ought to reflect all their name, hence in a put money to establish their very own ownership of the trademark Hindustan Lever introduced the letter ‘L' for Lever into the term; giving go up to the identity DALDA. It includes also a distinctive feature from other cooking food oils that is " NO CHOLESTEROL”.


Use for cook whatever at home or hotels simply by cooks. CURRENT PRICE:

180 Rs. every kg


Oil use to prepare food

COMPETITOR: Wherever its rival HABIB compete very well available in the market. Incorporated in 1954-55, Habib Oil Generators (Pvt. ) Limited was established because an essential oil expelling product. The present management took over the system in 1978 mainly because it was producing only 5000 metric a lot of cooking olive oil annually.

Current price:

175 Rs. Per kg


People who cook food of different classes

Male or female ……………

Age ………………

Occupation ……………


20, 000-25, 500, 25, 000-30, 000, 35, 000-35, 000 and over

Highly regarded Sir/Madam

I actually am trainees of SURPRISE University Gujranwala and I am doing study on DALDA COCKING ESSENTIAL OIL. I require your time and efforts in responding to some concerns.

Q#1: What is the basic reason of using DALDA?

a) Price=10% b) Result=30% c) Quantity=5% d) Quality=55%

Q#2: Will you use the substitutes of DALDA?

a) Yes=40% b) No=60%

Q#3: How frequently will you buy DALDA in a month?

a) you kg=5% b) 2 kg=25% c) your five kg=60% d) 10 kg=10%

Q#4: If the value of DALDA changes to increase then and what will be your require?

a) Increase=20% b) reduce =40% c) same=40%

Q#5: In, which season you, use DALDA the majority of?

a) Winter season season=30% b) Summer=20% c) Spring=25% d) Rainy=25%

Q#6: Do you think that DALDA is easily available in the market?

a) Yes=95% b) No=5%

Q#7: How do you arrive to know about DALDA?

a) T. V=70% b) Magazine=5% c) Billboards=5% d) Newspaper=20%

Q#8: What is going to be your demand if the value of the alternative of DALDA

Is going to fall?

a) Your with regard to DALDA will certainly decrease. =40%

b) The demand for DALDA will remain same. =40%

c) Your demand for DALDA raises. =20%

Q#9: Do you think there should be a change in cost of DALDA?

a) Yes=98% b) No=2%

Q#10: How long you could have been using DALDA?

a) 1 year=5% b) 2 year=10% c) 3 year=20% d) or more=65%

Q#11: In the event that DALDA is usually not available in the market then will you take the substitutes?

a) Yes=85% b) No=15%

Q#12: Compared to other cocking herbal oils that are available on the market, what will you say that DALDA is:

a ) Superb=50% b) Very much better= 15% c) Same=35% d) Bad=0%

Q#13: What is your opinion about DALDA?

a) Satisfied=50% b) Dissatisfied=2% c) Highly satisfied=25% d) Neutral=33%

Q#14: If you will see any change in DALDA, your demand for it will eventually increase or perhaps decrease?

a) Yes =40% b)...

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