Unilever Csr Research Conventional paper

Unilever Bangladesh conducted their Corporate Social Responsibility activities since Lever Friends Bangladesh in past. And they mainly emphasis their voluntary activities in three several segments. They are ‘Health-nutrition-hygiene', ‘Education' and ‘Women Empowerment'. They actually some activities in local climate change concerns also. They said these activities as durability and liable business practice. They done some movement about healthcare and introduced ‘Lifeboy Companionship Hospital' in 2002 having a modified suspended oil tanker. In 2006, they will sponsored a two months breastfeeding training program with Ma To Shishu Basic Hospital in Chittagong even though they currently sets up a modern day operation cinema and advanced intensive treatment unit in 25 Might, 2004 intended for high quality medical treatment for financially deprived part of the culture. They launched a campaign known as ‘Annual Kalurghat Health Camp' to provide free health care features to people about Chittagong as 2007. In November sixteen, 2007 Unilever announced ‘Pepsodent-Bangladesh Dental Contemporary society Oral Health Day'. Lifebuoy individuals NGOs, governments and other firms to bring in the ‘Global Handwashing Day', launched about 15th March 2008 around the globe including Bangladesh. They developed Pepsodent Dentibus for providing free qualified advice and dental checkup opportunities to those and university children's. For building international locations future that they emphasis on educational campaigns just like working with a great NGO named Shathee Samaj Kalyan Samity (SSKS) pertaining to giving education facilities pertaining to Banani non commercial slum areas children as January, 2005. UBL volunteers also visit the school to show the importance of hygiene and health. The scholarship plan by Fair and Lovely foundation was one particular initiative that supported the dreams of skilled women from economically disadvantaged families. In 2006, UBL collectively funded ‘Unilever Chevening Scholarship' for a Bangladeshi national wanting to study in a university...

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