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Problem Set IKKE-

1 . Determine 10 diverse computing things or scenarios which need real-time main system.

1 . Digital Signal Control

2 . HDTV receiver and display

a few. Laser Inkjet printer

4. Online video Conferencing

your five. Cell Phones

6. Railway Booking System

six. Robot Used in Recovery of Displaced Radioactive Material

eight. Chemical Herb Control

being unfaithful. Automated Car Assembly Grow

10. Multi-media multicast

10. Internet routers and buttons

2 . Go over the requirements of your real-time main system. Basic requirements of a Nucleus RTOS:

1 . Activity management:

This enables application computer software developers to create their application as a number of separate " chunks” society, each having distinct target, and estimated executing time. TASK BOOKING:

RTOS carry out their arranging of duties using a " priority-based preemptive scheduling”. The basic rule of priority-based preemptive scheduling is that at every instant, " The very best Priority Task that is All set to Run, could be the Task that Must be Running”. That means if both equally a low-priority task and a higher-priority task are prompted to run, the scheduler enables the higher-priority task to perform first. The low-priority job will only get to run after the higher-priority activity has finished with its current work. If a low-priority process has already started to run, and then a higher-priority task becomes ready then it will then right away stop the execution from the low-priority task, and allow the higher-priority task to run. Following your higher-priority task has done its current work, the low-priority job will be permitted to continue operating.

2 . Inter task communication and Synchronization:

It passes the duties information in one to another, without damaging or corrupting the knowledge. These are required in a preemptive scheduler of numerous tasks, mainly because without them the duties might contact corrupted info or otherwise interfere with each other. It uses the...

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